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1(F) Sqn Ramsay's Round

Raising money for: Cardiomyopathy Association

1(F) Squadron, Royal Air Force

The Challenge

The officers, NCOs, men and women of 1(F) Sqn, Royal Air Force, are attempting the formidable Ramsay's Round endurance challenge this summer. The challenge covers 56 miles over 24 of Scotland's highes

The Charity

The charity for everybody affected by heart muscle disease (cardiomyopathy). We help with free support and information. We campaign for greater awareness. We want everybody affected by cardiomyopathy to get the best treatment and care. Join our fight against heart muscle disease!

The Training

The sqn has put forward two teams; a relay effort and those looking to tackle the entire route on their own. More people have been to space than have completed this challenge.

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