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Abby in Burundi

Raising money for: Tearfund

Abigail Clare Foster

The Challenge

I lived and worked at the top of a mountain in Burundi (Africa) for 3 months helping malnourished children, their families and others in the community in extreme poverty to improve their life chances!

The Charity

Tearfund works with churches within local communities across the world in the most in need places. They work from within the community to support it and to help all the local people to support themselves. Their projects I worked on in Burundi had incredible results that (over time) will empower local people to get themselves out of extreme poverty!

The Training

I had lots of training for the projects as I was building fuel efficient stoves from mud and bricks and building and planting kitchen gardens all in 30-40degree heat and sun (in a floor length skirt) as well as making soya milk and maize porridge from the very barest ingredients and tools. All the projects were an amazing success! I also had to have so many injections and preventative medication before, during and even now after the placement. Please support to let this amazing work continue!!!!

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