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Celia cycles from London to Paris for her dad
Raising money for The Meningitis Trust
The Challenge
My outdoor challenge involved an intense four days of cycling from London to Paris. This meant that I would cycle around 80 miles a day reaching a point of 320 miles in total.
The Charity
I chose this charity because i wanted to make a difference and attract peoples attention to a fatal disease which is still quite rare. I also chose this in memory of my father who died of meningitis when i was nine. and my outdoor challenge would mark his tenth year anniversary, and i knew Meningitis trust would help me get ready to face it.
The Training
I've had to do alot of intense training so that i could reach a good pace for the challenge. Without training i would not have been ready and therefore it would have been a massive struggle and the journey would not have been worth it. I would seriously consider many people to do this challenge especially if they want to do something over a course of few days and if they want to meet new people and share their stories.