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Cycle to Wales for JDRF

Raising money for: Jdrf Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

Ian Thompson (Landford Lads)

The Challenge

A group of previously unfit middle aged chaps cycling c. 180 miles from Landford to Wales. The challenge took three days with much of it off-road, carrying all our kit, many bike problems & much fun.

The Charity

One of the cyclists (Ben) recently had their daughter diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. The way they have gone about dealing with this life changing experience has made many of their friends feel inspired to help. They approach life in such a positive way and Ben was happy to take on the challenge of getting some fat 40 something's to Wales, sober.

The Training

The fear of this event and having raised sponsorship for it did motivate me to do some preparation. As the event got closer the seriousness of the challenge mounted, to the point that i even took a bottle of water to the gym rather than the traditional glass of wine. That said, the longest training ride had been 30 miles and I had never ridden with the panniers full before the day we set off. Unfortunately my preparation never extended to more practical learning and I still can't change a tyre!

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