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Cycling London to Istanbul

Raising money for: Cancer Research Uk

Tour de Europe

The Challenge

We are cycling from London to Istanbul in one month for Cancer Research UK. Crossing 12 countries and nearly 5000km, our tour is an intense challenge involving over 7 hours of cycling every day.

The Charity

One in three people will be affected by cancer during their lives, and as a team of science students we believe passionately in research and working towards a cure for all cancer.

The Training

Five months of gradual long distance training, then one month of intense stamina training of several days at a time, all around the UK. Gym sessions once a week to increase aerobic capacity and muscle strength. Although we tried to do a lot of training we had to fit it around our studies, as we were both in the third year of a physics degree at UCL. This meant that we managed 1500km of training, less than a third of the distance of the challenge, before leaving.

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