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Dig for Good- Jacqui Sheldon

Raising money for: Farm Africa

Dig for Good

The Challenge

In 3 days, 30 women (14 UK &16 local farmers) dug a swimming pool size fish farm under the searing Africa sun. The pond will harvest 1,200 fish to feed their families & provide income for school costs

The Charity

Farm Africa works with African farmers at grass roots level, giving practical support like tools, training and baby fish so they can grow enough food to feed their families. Farm Africa is about long-term solutions not short-term fixes, I work in the food industry with clients passionate about sustainable farming, so this felt a very worthy cause.

The Training

With local shovels and rice sacks as tools, perseverance was our greatest asset. You can’t prepare for a challenge of this size but with a shared vision and determination Farm Africa guided the team to shift an amazing amount of mud in just three days. Despite thunderstorms and mud, the friendship, singing and laughter made it the most incredible experience of my life. We developed a deep respect for one another and are both happy and proud to hear the fish are growing well.

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