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Dotty on Clipper

Raising money for: Mercy Ships


The Challenge

I will be taking part in the Clipper Amateur Yacht Race, which means I will be sailing from London to Rio, 5600 miles across the Atlantic, in a 70 foot yacht - my first experience of offshore sailing!

The Charity

Mercy Ships provide much needed medical care to communities without access to the care we take for granted. It helps bring sight to the blind by treating cateracts and saves the lives of people dying from benign tumours which become fatal if not treated. The medical staff on these ships take no pay but raise sponsorship to cover their own costs

The Training

Having never sailed offshore before, I have now undertaken 3 weeks of training in a 68 foot yacht. When asked how I am with seasickness I can truthfully say I've practiced so much I'm an expert! I have also practiced helming, winching, tacking, raising sails and dropping sails and have climbed a 70 foot mast despite being bad with heights. I do press ups, sit ups and exercise with a resistance band every day, run 5k several times a week as well as crewing in a laser 2000 dinghy every week.

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