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Elspeth celebrates retirement!

Raising money for: National Deaf Childrens Society

Elspeth A

The Challenge

I retired from teaching in July and wanted to do something useful to fill the gap when everyone goes back to school in September. A 19 day trek to Everest Base Camp seems to fill the gap!

The Charity

My daughter's best friend at school was profoundly deaf and I saw the devastating effects this had on her ability to join in with friends and do all the things they were doing. As a teacher I have also seen how hard it is for deaf children to cope with the demands of school and NDCS does wonderful work with the children and their families.

The Training

Lots of walking! I did the Inca Trail with NDCS in 2007 and that has given me the confidence to try Everest. I was born in the year Hilary and Tensing conquered Everest and this seems a good way to celebrate both events.

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