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Horns, Tusks and Habitats
Raising money for ZSL
The Challenge
Challenge 1 – The British 10K London Run (14th July) 2 – Skydive (27 July) 3 – Streak for Tigers (15 August) 4 – 24 Peaks Challenge (6-8 September) 5 – Climb mount Kilimanjaro (6 – 15 December)
The Charity
The EDGE of Existence programme highlights and conserves one-of–a-kind species that are on the verge of extinction- and need our help!
The Training
Horns, Tusks and Habitats is a self-funded event consisting of five charity challenges to be completed within the space of 5 months. The idea is to treat Horns, Tusks and Habitats as an overall challenge and event.