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Journey Without a Map

Raising money for: Cerebra

Camel Man

The Challenge

My wife and I used first a camel and then two donkeys to carry our equipment for a 1500km walk through China and Kyrgyzstan. Taking no guides, maps or GPS with us we navigated solely by word of mouth.

The Charity

Cerebra has been a huge support to friends of ours with brain damaged children.

The Training

The special training we did was all about how to choose, buy and look after camels and donkeys in mountainous and desert terrain and to learn the Uighur language. All of those are subjects that the internet, for once, didn't have an awful lot of information on but bit by bit we filled our notebooks. The factor we really couldn't train for was the Police in China. We knew there was a good chance our camel, the ultimate '4x4', was going to get us into a lot of trouble there, and sure enough ...

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