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Laura's Kilimanjaro Challenge

Raising money for: Village Education Project Kilimanjaro

Laura Ansell

The Challenge

My challenge involves climbing the worlds highest free-standing mountain, and 4th highest point on earth; Mt Kilimanjaro. I also am spending time supporting education in Kilimanjaro

The Charity

I chose Village Education Project Kilimanjaro (VEPK) as it is the ONLY charity to support education in Kilimanjaro. Education is the building blocks of life, and we take for granted our FREE education in the UK. Without the essential work of VEPK, the children of Kilimanjaro don't have a future. I had to help change this.

The Training

I founded the 'Good Deed Project' in which I volunteer to help people in need in my community to help raise funds for VEPK. I founded a local support network for single parents, a homeless mentorship scheme, a disabled children buddying program and I also cook and clean, bake and garden for the elderly. I have given up all my free time to help others in my community so that I can help the children of Tanzania. I work part time, and am a Mum - and yet I still dedicate my life to Kilimanjaro.

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