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London to Africa Cycle Ride 2013

Raising money for: Merlin

Mark Hawkins

The Challenge

During September, I will be cycling from Merlin’s HQ in London to Africa where we run many of our medical and health programmes. This ride will take just under three weeks and cover 1300 miles.

The Charity

Firstly, I work for the charity and believe in the good work our medical experts do at the front line. As a frequent visitor to our programmes, I can see the positive impact we are making in the communities we work. Money raised goes to our Turkana project in Kenya where we are strengthening health systems. See for more.

The Training

I am cycling 40 miles each day in preparation for the ride. I am also doing some longer rides at weekends. I will be travelling really light as a massive load could slow me down. Basically it will be just a rucksack, so its essentials only!

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