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London to Paris ambassador and chairman challenge

Raising money for: Sparkle Appeal South Gwent Childrens Foundation

Ieuan C

The Challenge

The challenge involves a 300 mile cycle over three days from london to paris . The ride will really test are abilities although we are determined to make a diffrence .

The Charity

I have chosen the charity due to it's sterling work in providing funding to build a specialist treatment centre for children and young people in Gwent south wales . The centre caters for the needs of thousands of children in a bright welcoming and unique setting . Futhermore it enables children and young people to develop socially by offering sport

The Training

I will be completing regular bike rides as part of the training and extensive gym work to develop cardio fitness . I will have to recive regular massage therapy to combat the increased fatigue due to my disability . As well as providing sports and activity clubs the charity also funded a Merdi cinema within the Serrenu childrens centre which allows children and thier familes to attend screenings free of charge . Whilst so much hjas been they have big dreams for the children , so please VOTE NOW

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