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Mentally ill Roy climbs the Matterhorn - 14,692 ft (4,478 m)

Raising money for: Insulin Dependent Diabetes Trust

Roy A

The Challenge

Climbing the mighty Matterhorn in the swiss alps. Summit day will be the hardest physically gruelling day of my life, and as an ex British Forces Soldier I know what I am talking about.

The Charity

My girlfriend is Type1 (insulin dependant) diabetic. I want to help others less fortunate. I aim to raise £961.23 to provide insulin, test strips, test meter and syringes which will keep a child in Ecuador alive for a year. There is no NHS there and the country is very poor, kids are dying all the time.

The Training

This all started as a vision in a dream in 2008 of the mountain, I went and attempted it solo in 2010, but too many avalanches, rockfall and hailstorms. Then last month, one of Britain's best climbers, world-renowned extreme alpinist and big wall climber Jerry Gore, who is also type 1 diabetic, heard of my fundraising effort and kindly offering his time and expertise, at his own expense, putting himself in considerable danger to "take me to the top". I have only a month to get as fit as I can.

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