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Running 250 miles non-stop (thats 10 marathons) - no chance!

Raising money for: Rspca _ Newburch Branch

Steve Judd running 250 miles - non stop!

The Challenge

The challenge was the Thames Ring 250 miles (400kms). It was twice as far as I had ever run previously with only had 9 months training. I won the race in 66hrs 44mins, with the 3rd fastest time ever.

The Charity

I assist the RSPCA with their care of the thousands of wild animals they rescue every year. Everybody assumes they just deal with animal cruelty but they really are one of the emergecy services for anmals rescuing and caring for them 24hrs a day throughout the year. From the smallest frog to a fully grown deer they all recieve great care!

The Training

Lets not under estimate what this run what is. Its was 10 marathons non-stop and only 3 hrs sleep in a hedge bottom. What makes my success even more astounding (to me) was I achieved it with only 9 months training. Apart from tired to the core, a little bit of tendonitis and blisters the size of saucers the only injuries I sustained, a few lost toe nails. However it was the most disturbing and lonely time I have ever spent being in the lead for 70% of the race was not my plan!

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