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Svetlana's Cycletta 82km New Forest Challenge

Raising money for: The Institute Of Cancer Research

Svetlana Maloney

The Challenge

I'm cycling 82km in the New Forest for The Institute of Cancer Research because it offers new hope to lung cancer patients. This is particularly challenging because I only learnt to cycle last August

The Charity

My father passed away from lung cancer in March this year. In April, the ICR set up the London Lung Cancer Alliance which will ultimately make personalised therapies available to up to 3,000 patients a year newly diagnosed with lung cancer. Lung cancer is the most common cause of cancer death in the UK but is one of the lowest funded currently.

The Training

I have been cycling more as well as undertaking additional weight training to make my legs stronger. Being new to cycling, I am still nervous of sharing the road with cars. I am doing this to raise money for new research and awareness of lung cancer as just 4% of the total cancer research budget goes towards lung cancer, even though it represents 13% of diagnosed cancers and 22% of total cancer deaths. I am doing this in memory of my Dad to give others with the disease hope.

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