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Team Halifax - Longest Zipwire in the Northern Hemisphere

Raising money for: Cheka Sana Childrens Trust

Sophie W

The Challenge

As a group of 20, we travelled down to Wales to zip down the longest Zipwire in the Northern Hemisphere. We conquered it!

The Charity

Last year our friend Tom’s mum sadly lost her battle with cancer. We're raising money in her memory for Marie Curie who brought great comfort during her illness. Sophie worked with street kids in Tanzania through Cheka Sana, developing projects to reintegrate them back to their families providing counselling and long term support–an ongoing success

The Training

There were 2 Zipwires on the day – we did both. The first was half a mile long, 400ft high and maxed at a speed of 50mph. That was nothing compared to the second, the one we’d all been hyping ourselves up for – 1 mile long (the longest in the Northern Hemisphere), 700ft high, and totalling at 95mph. We flew over a crystal blue lake, with a stunning view of the Welsh surroundings….one of our group members even broke the record for the loudest scream heard from beginning to end!

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