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The Loch Ness Marathon

Raising money for: Macmillan Nurses

Andrew Mac

The Challenge

I gave up smoking after 35 years and then lost over 3 stones. I have now taken to running marathons having turned 50 years of age. I run them to remember those in my family who have died from Cancer

The Charity

MacMillan Nurses looked after my Sister and my Mother in Law who died of Leukamia & Bowel Cancer. Without MacMillan it would have only been the family helping them. My mum died of Cancer as well back in the 70's. She had no such help. These Nurses are Angels and they do a wonderful job. I'd hate anyone to be without them in times of need.

The Training

Trying to train around my job in a 24 hour emergency Careline. I run when its dry & I'm down the Gym when its wet. Trying to fit in a social life with my family as well can be very difficult but somehow I manage to do it but I wouldn't change a thing as I am lucky to have an understanding and very supportive family and group of friends.

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