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Top to Toe - End to End Cycle Challenge for Macmillan Cancer Support
Raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support

My Inspiration

Having received treatment for cancer when I was 9 years old I experienced the great work that Macmillan provide first hand and was really fortunate to receive that support. The £5,000 would go a huge way towards helping to build the new chemotherapy unit which will improve the lives of those living with cancer.

Fundraising for the Lap the World project is in full swing and the bar is set high at £240,000 for the new chemotherapy suite. It's really rare to come across such a competition as the Mountain Warehouse Charity Challenge which provides a huge benefit to charity.    

My Charity

I met the same Macmillan nurse who was there when I was first diagnosed with cancer, 18 years after my diagnosis. The charity represents brilliant support for me and the reassurance and care that goes along with having a nurse who you can talk to face to face.  

The Biggest Goal

By visiting 10 Macmillan units in every corner of the U.K I hope to raise awareness of charity. I hope that the challenge will publicise Macmillan so that more people are aware of the support Macmillan offer and help to raise funds to provide better care.

The Biggest Obstacle

Canvassing votes has been much harder than training or planning for the cycle ride so far. Once my closest friends and family had voted we still had about 1,000 votes less than other entrants, but it was amazing to watch the impact of social media. People I'd never met were more than happy to vote for a complete stranger/nutter.

The Training

I only heard about the challenge quite recently and hatched the idea especially for Mountain Warehouse so I've been in training for about 3 weeks. The daily routine is a 5.5 mile cycle to work, 30 minutes cycle at work on a mini-exercise bike and 5.5 mile return journey. It's not ideal preparation for either 125 miles a day for 8 consecutive days or for a day at work, but colleagues put up with the distraction and smell.

I cycled 3,000 miles across Australia in 2008 to help raise money for Macmillan. I hadn't been on a bike since I was 13 years old and wasn't especially fit so I haven't really learned from my mistakes! I did however manage to complete the cycle. I'm in far better condition now so Australia will act as motivation as I'm cycling to Elgin.   

 New Gear

I have had to invest in a new bike, enough inner tubes to last a 1,000 miles of cycling and a waterproof jacket (an essential for the Great British summer!).

The Challenge
Cycling a 1000 miles between the most southern, eastern, western and northern Macmillan Cancer centres in the UK in 8 days, with just enough time to visit 9 Macmillan bases along the way.
The Charity
When I was diagnosed with cancer, I gained first-hand understanding of the positive effect Macmillan nurses have for people in every corner of the UK. I hope to promote Macmillan nurses by cycling from Derriford hospital in Plymouth at 9am on Monday 9th September and arrive at the Elgin Palliative Care centre by 5pm on Monday the 16th September.
The Training
I juggle training for this cycle with rowing training as I'm planning to cycle and row entirely around the world in September 2014. My UK cycle is to mark one year until I set off around the world so I train at every chance, cycling to and from work. With a mini exercise bike under my desk I also cycle at work. Odd looks from colleagues and a slightly sweaty suit are well worth it knowing that £5,000 will help Macmillan improve the lives of people diagnosed with cancer.