What to Wear Cycling


Cycling can be great fun in all weather conditions but for your enjoyment, warmth and safety it’s important to have the right cycling gear. This guide will show you what to wear cycling so you’re ready wherever your next trip takes you.

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What To Wear Cycling Checklist

1.Hi-Vis Jacket or Vest

A Hi-Vis jacket is an essential item for cycling at night. Hi-Vis jackets will allow you to be seen by motorists and pedestrians when cycling in the darker hours.

2. Bike Helmet

A must wherever you’re cycling. A cycle helmet will protect your head should you fall off.

3. Bike Gloves

Bike gloves provide protection to your hands, improve grip on the handle bars and keep you warm in colder weather.

4. Bike Shorts or Leggings

Leggings will keep your legs warm in the winter and bike shorts will contain padding to keep you comfortable while you ride.

5. Baselayers

Baselayers are designed to regulate your temperature to keep you warm when it’s cold and cool in the heat.

6. Backpack

A backpack will allow you to carry all of your bike accessories while you ride.

7. Water Bottle/ Hydration Pack

Water bottles are essential for keeping hydrated on bike rides. A hydration pack allows you to take a drink without needing to reach for your bottle.

8. Sports Socks

Lightweight and breathable socks are ideal for cycling.

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