100 year old man sets cycling world record


Frenchman Robert Marchand set the world record for cycling non-stop for an hour in the over 100 category just a few months after celebrating his 100th birthday. Mr Marchand cycled just under 25km on an indoor cycling track, after spending a week preparing at the International Cycling Union in Aigle. He stated that he had the full go ahead from his cardiologist as long he didn’t raise his BPM above 110. He used a standard fixed gear bike, and stated that he was fond of riding outside but avoided it at present due to the poor weather.

When asked his secret, Marchand’s advice was nothing else but looking after himself, avoiding cigarettes and alcohol and keeping active by doing something physical every day.

Marchand’s story is a great way of showing you can keep active and fit at any age or level. The key is to know your limits and not to over exert yourself. Whatever activity you’re doing whether indoor or outdoor, is to wear appropriate clothing and remember to layer with lightweight breathable layers.