Don't let it get you down!


During the colder months a shift in energy is normal and generally expected, everything becomes a little harder. For an estimated 17% of the UK population this is actual a physical reaction to lack of daylight hours, and for some will become a form of depression requiring medical intervention. 

Signs that you may be suffering from a case of the winter blues include low energy and feeling lethargic, craving starchy high carbohydrate foods, which can also lead to weight gain, irritability and a tendency to oversleep without feeling well rested. 

If you think you may have a mild case of winter depression the best thing to do is to start moving. Don’t let the colder weather put you off, cold weather conditions are actually better for excising than exerting yourself during the summer! Getting yourself outside for a twenty minute or so a day will make a huge difference to your mood. Running, walking and cycling are great ways to get the blood pumping, and there are plenty of running tights, running tops and lightweight fleeces that are designed specifically for use in the winter and will keep you warm, but remain breathable to stop you overheating – besides once you’re out you won’t be cold for long!  It is also advisable on darker days to wear something Hi-Viz or reflective to ensure you are seen.

If the weather is truly miserable and going outdoors is simply not an option, don’t let it be an excuse! Even indoor activities and exercise will help to clear your head and get the endorphins pumping; try yoga or Pilates both of which can done in the comfort of your own home and do not require too much space. If you really need a change of scene there are always local clubs and halls offering different aerobics and dance classes – don’t be put off by not knowing the moves, everyone looks silly to begin with, but feels great afterwards.