Eating Outdoors - Get The Best From Your Grill


 As with all equipment that uses gas and fire, there are risks involved and understanding how to use your grill safely is top priority to getting the best from your grill. Mountain Warehouse is committed to the safety of all our customers and has put together a few safety tips for using your grill. 

· Read the instructions

First and foremost always read and carefully follow the safety instructions every time you use your grill, and keep them close to hand for reference. Don’t assume that your new grill works in the same way that your old grill does, even if they look the same. 

· Inspect your grill before every use

Every time you use your grill check that has not been damaged since the last use. If there is any change in the appearance, do not use it, and contact the manufacturer or retailer for advice. Damage may include bends or erosion in the metal casing or cracks in the hose. 

· Only use outdoors

Only ever use your grill in a well ventilated area –eg: outdoors, away from buildings and cars. Never light the grill inside your caravan, tent, house or garage. Even on a low heat there is a chance of carbon monoxide poisoning and explosion.  

· Watch your grill

Never leave a lit grill unattended, and keep children at a safe distance. The flame can become very hot, very quickly and must be monitored at all times. Ensure the grill is stable and once lit, don’t move it. 

· Disconnect gas after use

When you’ve finished using your grill, always disconnect your gas canister and store it upright and away from any flammable objects. Under no circumstances should you ever leave the gas connected when the grill is not in use.  
Always use caution when cooking with gas, as failure to exactly follow the safety instructions could result in serious injury or death. A little bit of extra care and attention will ensure you, your friends and family can enjoy a safe camping trip.