Glacier of Rivers


If searching out areas of stunning natural beauty is your forte, look at Vatnajökull in Iceland for your next trip. Vatnajökull means Glacier of Rivers, and is the largest glacier in Iceland, as well as the largest ice cap in Europe.

The Vatnajökull National Park has also been used as a filming location for several James Bond films, as well as the TV series “Game of Thrones.”

There is no end of excursions on Vatnajökull as it is a hugely popular tourist destination; from skidoo tours, which are organised expeditions onto the glaciers in 4x4s and snowcats, snowmobile cruises, as well as ice climbing, and trekking. Guided boat cruises are also extremely popular, where you can see icebergs calving, waterfalls, see the Aurora Borealis, glacial lakes and even go whale watching. Vatnajökull covers eight percent of Iceland’s land mass, and has seven active volcanos underneath the ice cap.

Visitors to the National Park can also take a guided boat to the neighbouring Eyjafjallajökull volcano, which famously erupted in 2010 causing huge disruption to air travel over Europe. Following the eruption tourism in the area has exploded, including many eager photographers hoping to capture in part, the spectacular glacial beauty.