Happy New You!

Encouraging us in our New Year goals are the reports that 60% of adults and one third of children are overweight or obese. Changes in day to day living have contributed to this, recent studies found that the average adult spends more than eight hours a day in front of screens for example at a computer or television. Portion sizes and the size of our dinner plates have increased by more than 30 percent in the last fifty years and eating out has become commonplace. The hours we work and the commute to get there have become longer, giving us less time exercise and prepare healthy meals. Devices and equipment designed to save us time such as dishwashers and clothes driers contribute to the fact that day to day we are using less energy. Air conditioning and central heating have been contributed to discouraging people from going outside and not getting enough sleep is connected to the body storing fat. 
If you have rung in the New Year with a vow to change your lifestyle, there are a few ways that will help you to stick with it. Start by setting yourself realistic goals; introduce small changes into your behaviour and lifestyle. One of the more common New Year’s fitness resolutions involves running, so for example concentrate on getting faster – don’t set yourself the time you want to achieve eventually, but the time you want to beat and celebrate your success when you get there. Be able to track your goals so you can see your success, if you cannot see the good job you are doing, you will be less motivated to stick with it. 
If you have set yourself a larger goal, for example you want to enter a marathon, spilt your goal into more achievable chunks to help you get there. You will struggle to remain positive if you are thinking too big. 
Also make sure you have  support, whether that is running with a friend or joining a group, will help to keep you motivated and more likely to stick to your resolution. While rewarding your success is important don’t punish yourself or get downhearted if you slip up, stay positive and keep going. 
Make it easy and more comfortable for yourself by having the right gear, running clothes and running shoes do not need to be expensive and will make a big difference – particularly during the colder months when it is certainly more difficult to get motivated for the outdoors. Clothing for running will help to regulate your body’s temperature, keeping you warm enough to face the cooler weather while having enough breathability to keep you cool and comfortable.