Lola Berry - Yoga, Nutrition and Life Philosophies


Leading Australian nutritionist Lola Berry came to the UK this summer and visited us at MW HQ in London to try out our yoga range, talk nutrition and let us in on her life philosophies. With her boundless energy, sunny personality and positivity outlook, it’s easy to see why Lola is in such demand. Lola appears regularly on Australian TV, radio, and is called on by magazines for expert health and nutritional advice, she is also currently publishing her second book – with credentials like this it’s not hard to see why Gennaro Contaldo (Jamie Oliver’s teacher) was quick to meet her.

The Mountain Warehouse yoga range is back by popular demand and we thought, as Lola is a firm advocate of yoga as part of an active and healthy lifestyle, we’d invite her in to test it out!! Lola loved the range and thought it was ‘’perfect for yoga practise, outdoor wear and as lounge pieces’’, the perfect outfit for her lifestyle of balancing the mind, body and spirit.



Lola Berry - Yoga, Nutrition and Life Philosophies

"If you’re stressed out, being outdoors is the magic key to make you feel amazing" - Lola Berry

Lola told us that she thought our yoga gear was fantastic, she love the soft fabric on the skin, and found it “fitted and stayed secure whilst doing poses, as well as being really fluid and moving with the body.”  Lola loved her Mountain Warehouse Yoga gear so much; she wore it home on the plane to Australia – the super soft and stretchy fabric is perfect for a long haul flight. We also asked her to try out a few of our Active sportswear and she loved the fabrics and colours – especially the new bright pink.

Her extremely open and chatty nature bought us onto the topic of biophillia, or the healing power of nature, of which Lola is a strong advocate. “If you’re stressed out, being outdoors is the magic key to make you feel amazing. Take the dog for a walk, get to the beach, go on a trip, whatever you can do to get out into nature!” and she is certainly one who loves the outdoors, she recently competed and won a triathlon in Melbourne, not to mention lots of walks throughout the scenic New Forest while in the UK.

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