Mountain Warehouse open 87th store in Aberdeen


Aberdeen store opening soon...

Located between the River Dee and the River Don and built over undulating hills and valleys, Aberdeen in Scotland is the ideal location for a new Mountain Warehouse store. Geographically breathtaking, the city of Aberdeen is 50% countryside, with the surrounding rural areas contributing to this bucolic idyll. With such a cornucopia of great opportunities to commune with the great outdoors, it’s no wonder that the addition of a Mountain Warehouse to Aberdeen has been eagerly anticipated.

The surrounding area of Aberdeen is home to Scotland’s largest national park. The Cairgorms encompass a wide range of geographical splendour; from a dramatic coastline to high mountain tops and ancient pinewoods, there is scenery here to inspire all. Walkers and climbers enjoy old established routes such as those across the vast plateau of the Month, south of the River Dee, but can also explore new trails that combine geographical exploration with historical knowledge, such as the castle trail, which explores some of the thousand castles that decorate the north east of Scotland.

An abundance of lochs and rivers around Aberdeen make the area a popular choice for water sports enthusiasts and anglers, for whom the breathtaking natural beauty of the area makes a wonderful companion to their chosen pursuit. There are three ski centres in the area for people of all ages and experience, as well as numerous golf courses.

Animal enthusiasts flock to the Cairgorms for the wealth of wildlife that roam its hills. The National Nature Reserve is twelve miles north of Aberdeen, and is packed with badgers, numerous birds of prey and hundreds of other spectacular species.

With a reputable reputation built on great customer service and an unparalleled variety of high quality outdoor clothing, equipment and accessories, Mountain Warehouse will soon become the last word in comfort and efficiency for all Aberdeen dwelling outdoor enthusiasts. It will offer premium hiking and walking boots, fleeces and outdoor clothing, waterproof jackets as well as vast range of walking and hiking accessories. Hiking and walking accessories are also available, including tents, outdoor cooking utensils, daypacks and rucksacks, walking poles, walking socks, wellies, gloves, scarves and a whole lot more.

In addition to offering a vast range of outdoor clothing, Mountain Warehouse will also ease economic strain for Aberdeen inhabitants, with competitive prices on all its outdoor accessories, clothing and equipment.There are also seriously spendthrift deals available, with great discounts and nifty Buy One Get One Free offers, allowing you to leave an imprint on the glorious Sussex countryside...not your wallet! Bursting at the seams with value yet refusing to compromise on quality, the Aberdeen Mountain Warehouse will surely become a popular destination for people of all ages across a vast spectrum of outdoor activity.