New Festival Gear Coming Soon!


You’ve bought the ticket, sourced your fancy dress and booked your time off, but it's those pesky little practical details that can make or break your festival experience.

The idea of 40, 000 people used to sleeping in central heating with a duvet relinquishing themselves to the whims of nature can sometimes mean only one thing – chaos. But it needn’t be mayhem for you; just make sure that you choose the right tools for the job. Mountain Warehouse is gearing up for a summer of fun with some fantastic offers on festival gear that is as cool as it is comfortable. Whether you’re keeping it close to home at Glastonbury or having el Fiesta at Benicassim in Spain, let Mountain Warehouse make your festival experience a walk in the (very muddy!) park.

Choosing your tent...

A great tent is a must – a festival is the London Fashion Week of the tent world after all, so make sure yours cuts it in the cool stakes this summer! Mountain Warehouse are introducing a fantastic new range of tents for the festival season that will surely make you stand out from the crowd. Just the two of you? For only £29.99 you could be slumming it in style in our pop up 2 person single skin tent. Available in pared down plain or eye-popping patterns, keeping warm and dry never looked so good! Just as simple, yet stylish, is our two person Festival Patterned dome tent; available in flowers and polka dots, this tent may look pretty, but don’t let that fool you - it’s sturdy enough to keep even the most determined revellers at bay! We are also shortly to introduce our tipi/tepee tent, which will surely turn even the most city-slicking urbanite among us into a peace loving hippie!

Once you’ve got your tent, you’ll need something to keep you warm during those snatched hours of sleep between watching your favourite band at midnight and silent disco-ing at dawn. A great sleeping bag is a must at a festival; Mountain Warehouse are currently offering a fantastic range of sleeping bags. Our ground breaking, brand new ‘Egg’ design is sure to be a hit this summer; wider than your usual sleeping bag, you can sleep in any shape within its snuggly cocoon – it’s as close to a bed as you can get whilst sleeping in a field! Our Basecamp sleeping bag is also going to be a great option at festivals; budged priced yet not compromising on quality, it’s a great example of how Mountain Warehouse continues to offer cheap outdoors equipment that also lives up to its purpose!

Want to make your life even easier?

Coming soon, Mountain Warehouse is offering some handy festival packs designed to fully equip you for your festival experience. Our packs contain all those little things that you need to stay a happy camper; let us take care of your tent, sleeping bag, roll mat, and other essentials all in one fell swoop, and give yourself more time to plan your outfits! Go for our Deluxe option and cover every base with wellies, lanterns and ponchos for those rainy afternoons. Watch this space for these fantastic packs that could have you completely kitted out and ready to battle the elements (and the crowds!) in no time at all.

What’s more, Mountain Warehouse is offering you the chance to win the ultimate festival package this summer. You could be on your way to your festival of choice with both you AND a friend kitted out with everything you need for your festival frolics! The prize includes our 2 person festival tent, two brand new egg style sleeping bags, 2 self inflating sleeping mats, 2 pairs of wellies and two ponchos. To enter this fantastic competition, wander over here...You never know, it might be your lucky day!