Product Recall MountainLife Pop Up Tents



Mountainlife Pop Up Tents
Ref:013871 Style: Pop-Up 2 Man Single (SS) Tent, Colour:Purple, Barcode 5055160080190
Ref:013871 Style: Pop-Up 2 Man Single (SS) Tent, Colour:Turquoise, Barcode 5055160080206
Ref:013872 Style: Pop-Up 2 Man Tent, Colour:Navy, Barcode 5055160080213
Ref:013872 Style: Pop-Up 2 Man Tent, Colour:Purple, Barcode 5055160080220
Ref:013873 Style: Pop-Up 3 Man Tent, Colour: Purple, Barcode 5055160080237
Ref:013873 Style: Pop-Up 3 Man Single Skin (SS) Tent, Colour:Turquoise, Barcode 5055160080244
Ref:013874 Style: Pop-Up 3 Man Double Skin (DS) Tent, Colour:Turquoise, Barcode 5055160085461
The product code and barcode can be found on the insert card on the front of the tent carry bag.
We have become aware that the above Mountainlife branded popup tents that were sold between 1st February 2010 and 20th October 2010 in Mountain Warehouse stores, have a manufacturing defect.
The tents do not comply with European Standard EN 5912 2003, in a manufacturing error they have not been fitted with a ventilation flap. This means if the fly sheet and door are both fully zipped up for a long period of time there could possibly be reduced oxygen in the tent, which in extreme circumstances could lead to suffocation.
As a result of this and as a precautionary measure, Mountain Warehouse has decided to withdraw these products from sale. Owners of the above Pop-Up tents are asked to stop using these tents immediately and return the tents to any Mountain Warehouse store for a full refund.
A list of all Mountain Warehouse Stores can be found on our website.
Mountain Warehouse takes the safety and quality of its products extremely seriously and thanks you for your co-operation and apologise for an inconvenience caused.
For any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer services helpline on: 0207 808 4606 or view our website.