Ride The Dales


Ride The Dales is a new Millennium Trust funded project to map out horse riding routes in the Yorkshire Dales along with tourist information to offer tourism and leisure opportunities in the area.

Based on the success of a previous project, the initiative will run throughout 2012 and aims to utilise local knowledge from equestrians, businesses, hotels, B&Bs and community groups who want to get involved in exploring the current network of green paths and bridleways. Routes will range from a few hours to several days, and Ride The Dales not only welcomes seasoned horse riders, but people who are interested in trying out horse riding even if they don’t have a horse.

Horse riding is a great way to get active, get fresh air, and take in new scenery as well as trying something new. It’s also a new way to see an area like the Yorkshire Dales with a fresh outlook. Equestrian clothing doesn’t need to break the bank either. A pair of riding boots will be a good investment, outside of riding as well, as a good pair will be water resistant and sturdy. A lightweight waterproof jacket is a necessity in your wardrobe, and quilted jackets and gilets are also pieces that can be incorporated in your everyday wear too.