Running Mates


Enjoy running, but find it a bit lonesome sometime? Having a jogging buddy can be extremely beneficial; you’ll have have someone to motivate you, have a friend to chat to during those early morning jogs, someone to compete against or just to have some company to break up the routine.

Running is also a great way to socialise, and there is a plethora of local running groups and meet ups. Jogging Buddy is a global website to help you find a running mate in your local area, as well as helping to team up people who are training for marathons. If you don’t have time to fit in anything else around your runs, Walk Jog Run is a free web based app on your computer as well as being available as an iPhone app, which maps running routes as well as creating a running community. As well as being completely free you can also discover new routes for running to add some variety to your jogs as well as adding your own.

Whenever you run, having the right equipment is crucial. Early morning runners can stay visible with a hi viz jacket and if you prefer to run in the evening or at night, wearing something reflective is highly important, especially in an urban area. Breathable fabrics will keep you comfortable, and high wicking fabrics will make you’re dry and don’t cool down too fast. If running during the day, you can now get running clothes with built in UV protection. And no need to feel like you have to brave cold weather and winds, by adding running tights and base layers, you can make sure you’re well prepared for the elements.