Spend Valentine's Day Outdoors


With a fresh blast of snowy weather the UK has once again transformed into a beautiful winter wonderland and just in time for Valentine’s Day.  Nothing says romance like spending time with your loved one under the stunning moonlit sky. If you want to get outside with your loved this Valentine’s Day there are plenty of ways to enjoy the day. 

Clear winter evenings are beautiful, long moonlit walks through deserted streets – if you’re lucky there they may still even be snow on the ground. The combination of streetlights and moonlight on snow creates an extremely romantic scenario.  All over the country there are temporary outdoor ice skating venues, even if you’re not quite Torvill and Dean you and your Valentine can still spend the evening holding each other up, laughing and warming up with a warm drink.  
If you are planning an outdoor Valentine’s treat make sure you are dressed for the occasion. Layer up with a base layer, fleece and jacket. Don’t forget your accessories; a scarf, gloves and hat, get yourself a pair of waterproof snow boots to look after your feet and you can’t go wrong. While surprising your partner with a Valentine’s treat is tempting, if you are planning on staying outdoors, it would be wise to give them a bit of warning so they also can dress for the conditions, it might just make the difference between a romantic night out and a frozen nightmare.