Summer Walks


Spring may have taken some time to finally come around, but the weather has turned around recently - although a little belatedly, the sun has been making regular appearances.

The best way to enjoy the British summer – rain or shine, is by getting out there and immersing yourself in the outdoors. The best part about walking is that it doesn’t require any extra skill or expensive gear and all ages can enjoy a good walk!

If you’re looking for inspiration or new areas to explore, the National Trust has a handy walking tool to find out the best walks in your area, or perhaps elsewhere in the UK if you’re planning a trip away. You can find maps as well as wildlife spotting tips, local stories and knowledge as well as places of interest. The National Trust also has a list of themed walks, including the new Wales Coast Path which opened earlier this month.

The most important thing you need when walking is a sturdy pair of walking shoes or boots. Make sure you’ve taken the time to break them in properly as shoes can take a while to mould to your feet. To protect your feet from blisters and rubbing, look for a quality pair of walking and hiking socks which are specially designed for such activities. A good pair of walking socks will have a padded toe and heel and ankle support.

If walking on a regular basis, full grain leather boots will be breathable as will any shoes and boots with mesh uppers or panels. In the summer, you may want to go for a lightweight shoe, or a walking sandal, which are specially designed not to rub at the toe, provide support and have sturdy soles. Since our summers are unpredictable, look for a walking boot or shoe with water resistance for protection during light showers and walking in damp grass and through puddles.