Time to get your backpack on


So why go?

I’m sure everyone has spoken to someone who have come back from travelling with a story about a certain experience that has changed their life and what a great time they have had... If you plan your trip properly and put yourself in situations to meet like minded travellers, it’s true you can’t fail to have a good time. Often circumstances are a good reason to take a trip as well. In today’s climate there are a lot of people struggling to find a job after finishing university or being made redundant. As long as you plan the trip and budget accordingly this can be a really positive step to getting your life on track. As well as enjoying a break from the normal stresses of life you can put down an exciting story on your c.v. that is often seen as a positive by employers.

Where should I go?

A common route that school/university leavers take is the South East Asia /Australasia trail. This is great fun and good for the first time traveller who is looking for a tried and tested route where countries have the infrastructure set up for travellers. People taking this route typically go away for 6 – 12 months.

The world really is a big place and travellers looking for a something off the beaten trail have a multitude of places to pick from. A shorter trip of three to four months is ideal for South America. A great starting point for the trip is one of the Spanish schools in Ecuador or Argentina where you can learn the lingo and also meet other travellers at the start of your trip. A four week course if a good period of time to grasp the basics and then it’s time to start country hoping. You can easily fit in eight to nine countries with flights very cheap, anywhere from £30. With the Caribbean to the north, the Amazon through the centre, the Andes to the West and Patagonia to the South you can view some of the most diverse places in the world.

Travel checklist

Passport, itinerary, visa’s, inoculations, sandals/walking shoes, waterproofs, travel towel, currency, two debit/credit cards, deet spray, first aid kit, bum bag.