Tips for First Time Skiers


You’ve got your flight, your hotel is booked and your lift pass is just burning a hole in your pocket. For the first time skier, nothing compares to heading out to the mountains and hitting that fresh powder. A bit of apprehension is normal, and you might be worried that you might have got all the right stuff packed, or injuring yourself on the slopes. With some preparation with your equipment and clothing as well as yourself, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t have a fantastic first ski holiday.

1. Don’t forget your sunblock

Many first time skiers and snowboarders make the mistake of forgetting their sunblock. The higher altitude of the slopes means that less of the sun’s harmful rays have been absorbed by the atmosphere, and the snow reflects much more of the sun. The cool breeze will also alleviate the soreness of burnt skin, so you may not realise you’re sunburnt until the end of the day. Regular lipbalm won’t protect your lips from getting chapped and burnt too, so look for a physical sunblock and a lipbalm with at least an SPF30, and which protects against UVA and UVB. There are also specialist ski sun creams are also available which are worth having a look at.

2. Layer up

Once you get out on the slopes, you may think it’s too cold for you to perspire, but all that falling down will warm you up, and also make you sweat. Layering is the best way to not only keep you warm, but to cool you down. Breathable base layers will help get rid of the sweat produced, but will also keep you warm and will make sure you don’t cool down too quickly. When purchasing a ski jacket, look at the breathability rating as well as looking at extra breathability features such as pit zips and air vents, which will help make sure you stay comfortable on the slopes.

3.Try a ski workout

Skiing is one of the most punishing sports on the body and after a day on the piste, you may be feeling aches and pains in muscles you never knew you had. Try some strength training, look up workouts and ask at your local gym for suggestions, and remember to stretch before you head out to ski.

4.Helmets – yes or no?

Although helmets are not mandatory safety equipment on the slopes, many resorts have started enforcing the rule so before you go check if you need to wear a helmet and whether you need to bring your own or are able to rent when you get there. If you’re skiing with children, helmets are highly recommended. Look for a helmet which conforms to Central European standards.

5. Have fun!

No matter how much time you spend standing upright or falling over, your first ski holiday is going to be a memorable experience you won’t ever want to forget. Take a camera, keep it safe and to hand in a travel pouch for fun snaps.