Travis Rice, Snow King


If you’re into your winter sports, Travis Rice is one person you have definitely heard of. Named Rider of the Year from Snowboarder Magazine, ‘The Art of Flight’ as well as being named one of the ‘Adventurers of the Year 2012’ by the National Geographic. Rice is known for his visually magnificent aerial stunts and tricks, but for the Art of Flight, he took to unexplored mountains and crevasses to perform his difficult manoeuvres all captured in heart-wrenching slow motion.

His trailer for The Art of Flight went viral when it was released back in March 2011 and was one of the most eagerly awaited docu-movies that year with sold out screenings in every country. It took Rice and his film team, two years to film and produce it, taking them to locations from Aspen to Alaska. Now he’s just been handed the accolade of the “World’s Best Snowboarder” for his 9.1 run on the mile long freestyle and free ride course created for his brainchild Red Bull Supernatural. Top snowboarders from all around the world came to compete and had to have a single two minute run which had to be able to be a continuous 2 minute video part.

The Red Bull Supernatural footage will be released at the end of March, and The Art of Flight is being screened in Red Bull stores worldwide. But Rice’s biggest achievement has to be bringing snowboarding into the mainstream.

With so much buzz around snowboarding, if you’re heading off for a ski trip – now would be the perfect time to try. 2011 was deemed to be the biggest year of Rice’s career, and inspired a whole generation to pick up a snowboard. Look up snowboard hire at your resort and additionally if there are lessons or group sessions where you can pick up the basics. Who knows, you may now find a new favourite winter sport.