Weather Warnings across the UK


We all knew it was coming, some of us hoped it wasn’t - but winter has well and truly hit. With severe weather warnings expected to be issued UK wide by Thursday, Great Britain is bracing itself for a week of high winds, heavy rain, and snow and freezing stormy conditions. Described as the one of the stormiest periods the UK has seen in years, residents across the country are being advised to exercise extreme caution while travelling as road conditions particulalrymay become hazardous.

Last night across the UK torrential rain and gale force winds battered the country, while the wind is set to die down by the middle of the week, snow is expected across the country. 
The further north you are, the worse you are in for with the heavy snowfall and the possibility of blizzards. In the last few days Scotland has been hit with extremely wintry and stormy weather leaving thousands without power and causing widespread chaos.
The rest of the country has experienced strong winds and heavy rain, with the number of reports of flooding in their hundreds. The current ‘yellow warnings’ are expected to be upgraded by the end of the week to a more severe status. The temperature is likely to drop considerably and it is likely to be cold enough for snow showers as far south as Dartmoor. 
While the forecast for later parts of the week are unclear, there is potential for the storms to continue as they move further south and the public are advised to stay up to date as further information is released.