Write a Product Review and Receive a 20% Discount Code!


Mountain Warehouse is giving you the opportunity to write a product review on anything that you have bought from us in the past 12 months. The review can range from your wise technical outlook on how a waterproof jacket faired up in the Highlands or how comfy and spacious your tent was at Glastonbury! Whatever your comments – we want to hear them! The product review doesn’t need to be an essay, although if you have the time we’d love to get as much info out of you as we can, just give us a few lines on the name of the item, when and where you bought it and what use you put the item to. If you feel that we can improve on the product then shout about that too!

We want your feedback...

At Mountain Warehouse we liked to get feedback from our customers and have made it easy for you to submit reviews – Facebook, Twitter or simply via email.

Product reviews are easy to submit…email us info@mountainwarehouse.com find us on Twitter and Facebook! If sending messages via Twitter and Facebook then please send your reviews as private messages.

By submitting a product review you are allowing Mountain Warehouse to use this information on their website www.mountainwarehouse.com and for all other marketing purposes.


This offer is now closed.  If you wish to write a review please fill out our Customer Survey and leave your comments there.