Most tents and camping equipment are made to be hard wearing and durable outdoor items. When caring for your camping equipment and tents, you need to make sure that both are kept clean and dry when not in use. This way they are guaranteed to have a longer life as well as remain nearly as good as new for longer. Caring for your Tents Many lightweight tents are now made from nylon; so it is important that, when fully erected, you air them properly and allow air to circulate through the tent. Often people mistake condensation on the inside of the tent for water. Condensation will usually occur inside most tents - it is often caused by body heat and breathing throughout the night. The air in the tent is warmed by the body heat of those sleeping inside; whilst the moisture in the air which forms the condensation on the sides of the tent is the water vapour from the occupant's breath. As with all fabrics, too much exposure to the sunlight will weaken it. Consequently, nylon tents will eventually lose their waterproofness and strength; even though nylon is resistant to UV-light, it will eventually weaken. To prolong the life of the tent, we would advise covering the tent with a PVC sheet - this will protect the nylon fabric from the sun, and the fabric will remain waterproof for longer. Keep Camping Equipment Clean & Dry One of the most important factors to bear in mind when maintaining the longevity of your tent is to make sure that it is kept clean and dry when packed away. Nylon tents cannot be washed in a machine; however, you can easily clean dirty marks off them with a wet cloth and maybe some soapy water or spray. Once you have taken down your tent, it needs to be thoroughly dried out and aired before being packed away again for next time. One of the main reasons that camping equipment and tents don't last as long as one would expect is mainly to do with hygiene. When you have finished using your camping equipment, you must make sure that every piece of camping gear is spotlessly clean and dry. If not, these items can often get dirty and look unappealing when you take them out for your next camping trip. In the long run, it makes sense to look after your tents and camping gear, as you will be able to reuse these time and time again on great camping holidays and day trips.