Every camper’s worst nightmare usually goes as follows: you arrive late at the campsite, with the rain pouring down and the sunlight already fading. The kids have been asking if ‘we’re nearly there yet’ for the past four hours and you have yet to eat anything of note since breakfast. The last thing on your mind is the 60 minute battle with a tent while trying to feed the kids at the same time. In between breaking the second peg in as many minutes, you gaze over at your fellow camper who is safely tucked inside his all purpose castle enjoying supper! All Weather Tents It’s no wonder the Dome Tent has become the most popular design for the all-weather camper. Its easy-to-pitch features and light and compact design make it the perfect choice for campers looking for safe and reliable shelter. Easy Pitch Tents The tents usually consist of two, three or four lightweight flexible poles crisscrossing over the roof of the tent, giving the structure its shape and support. Although easy to assemble and basic in design, the Dome Tent comes in a wide range of shapes and sizes to satisfy the needs of the solo camper or the largest of families.