You've bought the ticket and worked out how you're going to get to the front of the stage when the Kings of Leon are on; all important considerations, but have you thought about what you're going to be living in? You might think that musty old canvas thing that's been loitering in your attic for the last three years will do the trick, but you'd be wrong. Stand out from the crowd and keep a smile on your face with a fabulous new tent that will keep you dry, warm and comfortable even when the weather is sulking. How to choose the right tent Consider your rucksack and the outdoor equipment and gear that you're going to take. Some people take a lot, some people take very little; only you will know how much will be right for you. So for example, if there are four of you, you may think that a four person tent like our Venus 4 Person Patterned Tent will be suitable, but there will have to be space for four peoples' rucksacks, sleeping bags and other bits and pieces. In this case, you'd probably be better off going for something like our Hyperion 6 person tent. The amount of time you're spending in the tent should also be a factor in your decision - the longer you are staying in the tent the larger, and higher quality it should be. Most festivals are generally fairly short at between 2-7 days long, so bear this in mind. Many people only consider the length of their tent and not the height - is it important for you to be able to stand up in your tent? If so, go for a tent like our Callisto 4 person tent, which is designed for you to be able to stand up when inside it. Some tents are purely designed for sleeping in and some are designed with a little more luxury and accommodation in mind. The price of your tent will generally indicate whether it has these extra qualities; for a festival, a tent purely for sleeping in may be suitable, as with all the music, fun and frolics, it's unlikely that you're going to be spending your afternoons sitting in your makeshift home. Tents with benefits A tent that will provide some of the aforementioned 'luxury' will generally require pitching rather than using the 'pop up' design found in cheaper models. A dome tent can be a good investment; something like our Apollo 6 Person Tent provides 3 separate bedroom areas, a detachable living area, high waterproof ratings and gives you the ability to stand up within it. A tunnel tent is generally regarded as better suited to a long stint of camping rather than a festival, as it will generally be heavier and more difficult to put up - but if you can be bothered, it will give you plenty of space to stash your rucksacks, outdoor equipment and outdoor clothing. For a festival tent, consider how you're going to be travelling to and from the festival; if you're going in a car, you might be better placed to transport a large tent, which is especially handy if there is a big group of you. Pop up tents A pop up tent is ideal for festivals; whilst lightweight and unsuitable for any kind of extreme pursuit, they are ideal for when you need something easy to assemble and simple to put away. A pop up design is designed to spring into shape from a disc shaped flat design. Pop up tents are great for pitching late at night, and can be used by even the most camping-phobic reveller! Usually cheap, pop up tents can be left at the festival site for recycling purposes without too much financial guilt - making your journey home that little bit easier. Pop up tents are generally created using a single skin as opposed to the more rugged, heavy weight double skin tent; this inevitably means that they offer less protection from the whims of nature, but the cheap price and ease of use is generally seen as more important, as festivals are generally held in the warmer months. The exception to this rule is our Pop up Double Skin 2 person Tent, which offers the warmth and strength of a hardier tent without compromising on the ease of use that a pop up tent can provide. An ideal festival pop up tent would be our Pop Up 2 Person Tent, which is not only incredibly easy to assemble and lightweight, but also comes in some fantastic colours and patterns that are guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd. Festival tents like our Festival Patterned Dome are designed especially with festivals in mind; bright, colourful and fun, they are not intended for extreme use and are ideal for 2-3 days of music madness in the summer sunshine.