One of the most fulfilling aspects of sleeping under starry skies is that it brings up all those fundamental cave man habits and allows you to leave the modern world behind, even if just for a few days. Surviving on the bare minimum can give you a sense of freedom, but that doesn't mean you have to survive on crisps and berries! Mountain Warehouse has a wide range of outdoor cooking equipment designed to make your life easier while you embrace the splendour of Mother Nature. From kettles and stoves to dining sets and toasters, we've got your quest for outdoors culinary heaven covered! These are the six essential camping supplies you'll need to enjoy foodie fun in the forest. Kettle The English are famed for their devotion to the all-curing cuppa, and where better to enjoy a steaming mug of hot tea than a swooping vista overlooking a sparkling lake? Our kettle has a 2L capacity and is made of highly durable stainless steel. Don't worry about safety either; a safety spout on the lid prevents any boiling water spilling out and causing injury to any of your al fresco party. Stove We offer a variety of different stoves that are perfect for cooking up a storm (maybe in a storm!). Our stoves are designed to take a disposable 220g butane gas cartridge, and come complete with easy to follow instructions and a step by step guide to use. Automatic ignition, a safety lock and quick realise cartridge installation mean that cooking outdoors is both safe and easy. Each stove comes with an alloy burner, easy clean spill tray, and adjustable heat controller. Please bear in mind: Please read instructions carefully before and use outdoors or in a well ventilated area only. Our stoves require 5m3/h minimum ventilation in order to avoid a dangerous build up of un-burnt gases. Dining set No dinner party is complete without cutlery and crockery; grab yourself one of our great sets. We have Polycarbonate cutlery sets, enamel bowls and plates, and full picnic and party sets. Our lightweight aluminium cook set is also an essential, as it provides all the things you need to cook a delicious meal, but none of the weight of your usual cooking equipment. This dining set is an essential addition to your usual camping supplies! Folding Toaster Simple but classic, toast is the ideal camping breakfast. Strong and tough aluminium means our toaster can withstand the hottest of temperatures. Simply place you bread into the folding clasps and hold over a naked flame, and voila... Bread is toast! Picnic set Our 4 person patterned picnic set is the ideal choice for those of us who love to dine out in the open. With its funky patterned design and great colours, even the birds will want to get involved! Kitchen Sink Now you really can take everything AND the kitchen sink with you! This is a multi-purpose fold away bowl that has a 5 Litre capacity and can be used for washing up. An incredibly versatile product, it can be used as a drinking bowl for dogs, a washing up bowl or even a mixing bowl. Mountain Warehouse has a wide range of great outdoor cooking equipment that can make your outdoors sojourn a breeze. With competitive prices on all our camping equipment and camping supplies, there's no reason why you can't live like a king, even whilst living out of a tent!