Whether you're trekking through Nepal or camping in your back garden, Mountain Warehouse can provide some handy bits and pieces that were just made for your foray into the wilderness. Everyone knows about those main essentials you need; like a tent and a stove for camping or hiking boots for hiking or rambling - but there's a whole world of great outdoors equipment out there just waiting to be discovered! This is our guide to all the other handy items we offer; divided into what you might want to use them for… Hiking Hiking, rambling, strolling, striding, pacing; whatever you call it, if you love to put one foot in front of the other and explore the great outdoors then Mountain Warehouse should have just the items for you. On top of your high quality hiking boots or walking shoes, zip off trousers and hard working temperature regulating t shirt and waterproof jacket, you might also find the following handy: Torch or Headlamp When darkness falls you may just find yourself adrift in the wilderness without the benefit of sight, so make sure that you come prepared with a great torch or headlamp. If you're the intrepid type who won't be daunted by the darkness then a headlamp like our Dynamo Head Torch would be ideal with its strong beam and hands free nature. We also have a variety of hardy torches like the Rubber Torch which is designed to be able to cope with any knocks and bumps you might send its way; it will go on for as long as you do! Hydration Packs You don't always have the time or the inclination to keep grabbing your water bottle or flask on the go, so a hydration pack can be ideal. Allowing you to walk and sip, it is handy on the run hydration and we also offer a number of rucksacks that are hydration pack compatible, meaning that you won't have to keep stopping before you can keep going! Walking poles & accessories For a satisfying stroll into the countryside, your hiking arsenel is not complete without a hiking pole. Made from tough fiberglass, these poles are shock absorbent and will support and sustain you even on the toughest of journeys. Compasses & GPS One place you don't want to get lost is out on the Yorkshire Moors, so a handy GPS or Compass can be a great investment. When your surroundings look very similar you'll need extra help in getting your bearings, so have a look at our Compass or GPS, both of which are ideal for this purpose. Camping For happy campers, there are some other important pieces to add to your collection of camping equipment. Aside from that all important tent and sleeping bag, there are a few other additions that could well make or break your camping experience! A multi tool or a pen knife A pen knife has unlimited benefits in a camping situation; whether you use if for cutting up food, breaking wood and everything in between, it can be a great way to ensure that your camping trip is as fuss free and fun as possible. Try our Pen Knife out. Games & jigsaws Keep the kids entertained with one of our handy games or jigsaws. Camping can be a fantastic way to enhance family bonding, and a fun game or two can make this even easier. Keep the kids from getting bored with a Frisbee, a hoopla set or even a giant tumble tower! Survival kits You never know what might happen on a camping trip, so be prepared with a helpful survival kit. From an emergency blanket and whistle to a survival bag, there might just be something here that could save your bacon one day! Lanterns Light the way with one of our lanterns; hang it up in your tent or just keep it flickering around the campfire; just make sure you take one. Ear Plugs When you're travelling to foreign climes and you're not sure what conditions you're going to be sleeping in, a pair of ear plugs can be a godsend. From noisy hostels to loud campsites, ear plugs like our FlightMate ear plugs will protect you from all kinds of annoyances! Pocket fans When the weather heats up, keep yourself cool with a handy pocket fan. Often overlooked when packing, an item like this can actually keep you comfortable and cool and can make a big difference to your holiday fun. Whether you're trekking in the Himalayas or rambling in Rio, pack a pocket fan for an easy and lightweight way to keep you cool as a summer breeze. Padlocks & security Travelling can give you a sense of freedom and independence, but there's nothing that can bring you down to earth with a bump like getting your belongings pinched - so keep everything safe and secure with one of our padlocks or security devices. Plug adapters Don't reach the other side of the world and realize that you can't plug in your iPod. Grab yourself one of our plug adapters and be one of the clever ones! Travelling the world can be daunting, so give yourself a helping hand with these little essentials!