Extreme/Survival ratings: This rating is the limit at which the sleeping bag will keep you alive without frostbite or any other temperature related ailments. Please note that this NOT the temperature that you will be comfortable in.

Comfort Ratings: This is the rating that most people will generally consider when buying a sleeping bag. This rating is the temperature at which you will feel warm and comfortable at when in a rolled up position. If the sleeping bag is used in temperatures below this rating, the user will survive, but will feel the cold.

Season Ratings:

Season 1: Suitable for summer camping where weather is mild.

Season 2: Suitable for UK late spring to early autumn temperatures

Season 3: Autumn to winter temperatures.

Season 4: More demanding, extreme conditions either at high altitude or very cold weather.

Weight and Size: Our range of sleeping bags and liners are available in various sizes, ranging from kids sleeping bags to Adults sleeping bags and from light weight to heavy duty. Weight is an important aspect to consider, especially if travelling. We have provided you with the total weight and folded sleeping bag dimensions, to help you select the right size sleeping bag for your purpose.