We've all been there. You've set off to see your favourite band on the main stage in your denim shorts and flip flops, beer in hand, sun in the sky, not a care in the world. Half way through the second song, you hear a rumble, see a flash, and the heavens open. Chaos ensues, and you haven't even brought your wellies! Avoid party panic by making sure you've packed everything on this handy checklist before you go... Camping Checklist The essentials: Ticket ID Cash and Cards Clothes Wellies Waterproofs Sunglasses Headgear Spare clothes Sleeping gear Tent Roll Mat Sleeping bag Pillow Mallet Tent pegs Groundsheet Micellaneous Rucksack Camera Umbrella Phone Portable speakers Bin liners Lighter/Matches Tin opener Pen Knife Flag Blanket Food and Drink Lantern Torch Cooking equipment Cooker Gas Matches Chairs Table Coolbox Pans Plates Cooking utensils