In the excitement of packing for your festival fun this summer it’s easy to forget certain things – everyone remembers their tent, but not everyone come prepared with all that they will need to make their festival experience a breeze. Mountain Warehouse have compiled this guide to all that extra equipment that you might want to take with you (and how it can save you some precious pennies!) Food Festivals can be expensive; when you’ve factored in the ticket, the beers and the price of fancy dress, there might not be a lot of money left over for burgers! Even worse, the price of food can be extortionate at large scale events like this, so be clever and take your kitchen with you! A stove can be a lifesaver in a festival situation; you’ll be the most popular person on the campsite with a stove like our Double Burner Grill, which is ideal for cooking anything from an English breakfast to toast. Make sure that you take the right kinds of food with you for this environment; check out our guide to cooking outdoors, which will help you make the right food choices. A picnic set like our Patterned Family Picnic Pack is a great comprehensive pack that will be ideal for eating the delicious food you’ve cooked on your stove. One of the handiest parts of your outdoor equipment arsenal, it has an easy carry system and is full of hardwearing glasses, plates and bowls. For munching madness, why not try out our Enamel Mug and Cutlery Set? Relaxing in the campsite If you can make your little area of the campsite hospitable and pleasant to relax in, you may just find it saves you some money, as you’ll be more inclined to make your own fun rather than spending every minute (and penny!) in the main entertainment arenas. A Patterned Chair and a Patterned stool will not only make your area of the campsite more comfortable and homely, but will also jazz it up visually – available in vibrant colours and fantastic patterns, these chairs are ideal for socialising all in the comfort of your (temporary) home. A Patterned Picnic Mat will make the ground much nicer to relax on, and will be fantastic for sunbathing on should the sun decide to make an appearance! Alternatively, try out our Folding Sit Mat for a relaxing festival experience. Sleeping It’s unlikely that you’ll experience the best sleep of your life whilst at a festival – loud music, 20, 000 people and a hard floor do not a peaceful evening make – but you can make it much nicer for yourself. By taking the right equipment you might not save yourself money – but you will save yourself a whole world of discomfort! An airbed can come in very handy when you’re trying to get some sleep at a festival. A floor that seemed quite comfortable at the beginning of the night will seem like nemesis number one in the morning, so prepare with a good air bed that will protect your precious spine from lumps and bumps. A trek mat can be a great addition to your camping equipment; made of a lightweight foam, if you don’t want to take anything as bulky as an air bed this can be a good alternative. A travel pillow can really aid a good nights sleep; our offering is cheap, comfortable and great quality; just pop it in your rucksack before heading home! Making your way through the campsite The experience of picking your way through sleeping bodies, guy lines and a multitude of strangely shaped tents – in the dark – is one that is unique to festivals. By taking a few essential items you may just save yourself money on potential hospital bills later on down the line(!) Our Rubber Torch is ideal for a festival; durable and hard wearing, throw it around to your heart’s content and use it for guiding your way through dark nights. If you fancy lightening your load, consider our Mini Wind Up Torch, which is practical, easy to use and lightweight. Our Snap Lights are another great addition to your festival gear; ideal for gloomy evenings, they have the added bonus of being able to be used as glow sticks when you’re partying ‘till dawn! Other essentials Lastly, there are a couple of other things that might just come in handy, and perhaps even save you some money! Shewee. This ingenious invention allows girls to relieve themselves on the go – just like the boys! No more waiting in long, smelly queues to be confronted with a glorified pig sty; take a Shewee to your festival of choice; you won’t regret it! A Digi Pod – this will keep your technology safe and sound, so whilst your embracing the simple life you still have access to those essentials! A Rocket football. Taking some entertaining games and gadgets with you could prevent you spending extortionate amounts on fairground rides! Be safe, be prepared but most importantly...have fun!