'Safety first' is something that needs to be taken into consideration in everything we do. A bit of common sense coupled with a basic understanding of first aid will greatly improve the chances of you having an incident free trip. The best defense against serious injury and health risk in the outdoors is through good preparation and packing the right first aid and safety kits and survival equipment. Whether you're out for a leisurely hike, traveling overseas or camping outdoors you can rest at ease knowing you are well prepared for any emergency. First Aid Kit Checklist You should consider taking the following list of first aid equipment on all trips, although do consider that buying a ready made pack will save you time and usually money: First Aid Kit Checklist Personal Medication Aspirin Medical Tape Sterile Gauze Elastic Wrap Bandages Antibiotic Wipes Antiseptic Cream Burn Ointment Sunburn Lotion Scissors Tweezers Eye Wash Imodium & Rehydration Drink Survival Bag Safety Blanket