Scotland - the land of Haggis, kilts and stunning rural scenery. With twenty Mountain Warehouse stores now open in Scotland and counting, we thought it only right that we celebrate the hiking haven that is this spectacular region of the British Isles. Even better, we've made sure that these walks are family friendly, so you can get the kids on their feet and out into the fresh air without too much complaining! Family walks shouldn't be too long and should encompass a broad range of interesting sights and views. We have compiled a list of five fantastic walks, with their distances and how long they usually take, so you know just what you're letting yourself in for... 1. The Ness Islands, Inverness Distance: 2.75km Time: 45 minutes The islands are linked by bridges, and the peaceful, scenically stunning walk itself meanders through tall trees and natural salmon pools. A short, flat walk, it is ideal for very young children as the scenery is beautiful without being too overwhelming, and they'll enjoy trying to catch those jumping fish! This kind of spot is ideal for a picnic; we offer various great picnic sets and outdoor cookware that would be perfect for your journey. 2. Legerwood Farm Trail - Kelso, Coldstream and Lower Tweed Valley Distance: 4km Time: 1:30 This walk is an enjoyable countryside jaunt through various country lanes, farm tracks and rural roads. A formal farm trail, it is a well trodden path for families with children and with good reason; not too tiring but still full of surprises, it showcases the bucolic splendour that Scotland is so notorious for. Prevent blisters from getting in the way of the kids' fun by protecting their feet in a pair of our sturdy Icicle walking shoes. 3. Gairloch - Flowerdale Falls Distance: 6.44km Time: 02:15 The walk explores Flowerdale, a glen that is sheltered from wind and therefore possesses its own microclimate which creates a suitable climate for unusual plants and animals like voles, pine marten, stoats, weasels, buzzards that are unusual for the area. There are some beautiful viewpoints to be explored on the walk, and kids will love seeing all the strange creatures emerge from the woodwork! If you're going in summer make sure that you pack a hat with a mosquito net like our Hat with Net as the mozzies can be pretty determined around such lush horticulture. 4. Mabie Forest - Lochaber Walk Distance: 6.5km Time: 2:00 Situated four miles south of Dumfries, the Lochaber Walk encompasses some breathtaking views and interesting wildlife. Take some time to explore Mabie Forest on this longer trail; The walk takes in a wide range of habitats along the Mabie Burn and past Dalshinnie Loch, to arrive at Craigbill Hill with fine views over to the Solway Firth beyond. This walk is marked from the start, and there is an orientation map board at the beginning of the walk. You might want a good 10-35L backpack for this, as you'll definitely want to take a few snacks for the kids with you! 5. Pine Ridge (blue route) - The Trossachs Distance: 1.2km Time: 00:30 From the car park the route climbs steeply on a path, which might be a challenge for kids at first but it flattens out fairly swiftly, and at the top there are some glorious panoramic views across Loch Drunkie and the overlooking hills. The top section of the path is level before it descends to the Forest drive and returns to the car park. Ideal for a quick jaunt to see some glorious scenery without committing to too much time or effort, you can hop in and out of the car and get the kids out into the fresh air. So now you've got some ideas about where to visit, just grab yourself some hiking boots or walking shoes, some great outdoor clothing for both you and the kids and some summer accessories like a summer hat and you're sorted in the great outdoors this season! If you do give any of these walks a try do let us know how it goes... Drop us an email at, we'd love to hear from you!