With summer on its way, now more than ever it's time to get yourself acquainted with the hidden gems of the natural world. Cheap, cheerful and healthy, hiking or rambling is the ideal way for you to explore the world at your own pace; and even better, its health giving properties are second to none! With varying hills, terrains and routes, there are levels to suit everyone, no matter what shape you're in or what your level of experience is. From challenging your limits on the Three Peaks to a gentle afternoon stroll around the Devon countryside, there are so many diverse options to choose from that there's bound to be a route perfect for you. To decide if it's for you, this is hiking and rambling in a nutshell: What you'll be doing: On a hike, you'll most likely be attempting slightly more challenging routes, which could go on for a whole day, or might even last for a few days. This may cover rocky terrain and longer distances at a time. When rambling, you may end covering less ground, as this activity is generally regarded as less challenge orientated and more exploratory, and will probably be shorter. Make sure that you choose the right activity for your abilities and interests. What you'll need: For both hiking and rambling, you'll certainly need a quality pair of hiking boots or walking shoes. Which boots you choose will depend on the terrain you'll be on and the weather you'll be walking in. Check out our guide to hiking boots and walking shoes here to help you make your choice. You'll also need a great rucksack or daypack to hold all your worldly possessions, as well as various items of travel clothing; you may need a waterproof jacket, like one of our 3 in 1 waterproof jackets, or a handy pair of zip off trousers, and a temperature regulating climate control t shirt. You may also need some essential accessories, like a hiking pole, a compass or a map holder. Before you set off: Make sure you check out this lifestyle guide! Have a browse through all the pages to help you decide where you want to go and to determine what you might need. If you're having trouble choosing products from our website, our buyers guide is sure to help you on your way. So go forth and explore! Cheap, fun and fulfilling, a challenging hike or pleasant ramble is the ideal way to spend a sunny afternoon this summer.