There's more involved in hiking and rambling than just finding the right pair of boots. It's about preparation. Here we detail a list of equipment and preparations you should consider taking to help you on your way: Hiking & Rambling Checklist Waterproof jacket This could be anything from a simple Pakka Waterproof Jacket that is easily popped into your rucksack to a multi-purpose option like the Storm 3 in 1 Waterproof jacket. To decide, you should work out how cold it will be on your walk and how active you will be. Hiking clothes From a handy pair of zip off trousers to a Climate Control t shirt or a soft shell jacket, hiking clothes should work just as hard as you do. Hiking boots or walking shoes Work out the terrain you'll be conquering and the weather you'll be walking in; this will help you decide whether you need a sturdy pair of hiking boots like the Atlas' or a more lightweight pair light the Volt Walking Shoe. Gaiters In very wet weather, a gaiter will stop water getting into those gaps where your waterproof trousers and hiking boots cannot reach. Hiking poles Grab a couple of these; shock absorbent and easy to use, they will help you manoeuvre your way across any landscape. Water Keeping hydrated is a must whilst hiking or walking; we have some great water bottles and flasks, or even a hydration pack for on the go Joes. A rucksack Whether you choose a large rucksack like the Puma rucksack or a smaller backpack, make sure you choose one that can hold all your necessary items and won't let you down on that 3 day long hike! Food Compass From our Map compass to our Pocket Compass, you'll never get lost again. A compass is ideal for getting your bearings; essential when you're in foreign territory! Map Pocket Knife Torch/Headlamp A torch will be your best friend when night falls and you're still working out your way back onto the beaten track! Whistle First Aid Kit Because you never know!